2014 NPPA Honors

Whisper Wins Coveted 2014 New Product Award from NAPPA


Odor Elimination

Find out how ODOGard® molecules attract diaper odors and lock them away.

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How It Works

Whisper® offers three levels of odor protection to lock away diaper odors forever.

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Mom Really Appreciates Her New Whisper

July, 24 2014
Well, I had my daughter on June 27th, so I have had almost a month to use the Whisper Diaper Pail. I really do love this product! The features I love the most is the fact that you use a regular garbage bag for the pail instead of having to buy brand specific diaper bag refills. Major kudos to the designer for that gem. Plus the spray can, very nice, I haven't had a problem with odor from soiled diapers AT ALL. The lid lock feature is also nice for when I'm changing the bag out. Over all, I feel this is a great product! I love the diaper pail and it works wonderfully! Sincerely, Angela H.
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